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Milo WolffMy name is Milo Wolff and I am a physicist, astronomer, and explorer of the wondrous cosmology of the Universe. I have worked for MIT, Aerospace Corporation, the United Nations, as well as taught at various universities in the USA and Asia. I urge you to join the exciting and fascinating exploration of matter, the natural laws, and the Universe. You may become a famous pioneer and, at the least, you will have fun!

This web site is a platform for learning, discussion, and further discovery of the fundamental structure of physical matter and the cosmos. The central theme is the recently recognized Wave Structure of Matter (particles) and the exciting consequences of their matter waves that exist throughout the universe. It provides a new vision of the "Standard Model" of physics and its shortcomings.

What is a Space Resonance?

It's my new mathematics of the structure of matter, proposed by Erwin Schrödinger that empty space can propagate quantum waves travelling with the speed of light. Elementary particles, such as electrons, protons, are made of spherical standing wave patterns, a Space Resonance, similar to the waves on a drumhead or a string. That is, all the matter in the Universe is made of waves in empty space and nothing more! All the "material" properties of matter and its "fields" are only schaumkommen (Schroedinger's words) - they're only appearances.

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